[Update] Dramatic Maestro + Info

Ossu! Milky here with information on our new project as well as some great news for fans of CJ Michalski's Otoko Hiroimashita which was released yesterday!

First, it's been decided that Milky Kitty's next scanlation project will be Sagami Waka's hit schoolboy comedy, Dramatic Maestro! We had both Misasagi Fuhri's Yajuu Shugi - Hitsujihen and Kuwabara Yuuko's Chikyuuhatsu, Ai wo Sakebe in consideration as well, so if anybody's interested in any of those, we may work them in the future. Of course, suggestions and requests are welcome too, just send me an email! :)

For those of you who got a chance to read Otoko Hiroimashita, did you enjoy it? I'm a big fan of CJ Michalski's works, so I just jumped at the opportunity to scan her newest story. As it turns out, MK's new translator Adrian is a fan of hers as well, and it looks like she might be an even bigger fan than I am! D: Earlier today, Addy received an email from CJ Michalski-sensei herself, so rejoice Kouta x Owner fans, there will be a sequel to Otoko Hiroimashita coming early 2009! <333

You are my hero Addy, I LOVE YOU @_@

Thanks for all your support everyone and hope to see you soon!



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Thank You!

I am a huge fan of CJ Michalski and was excited when I saw this release. I loved it! I hope this turns out to be a complete volume, and not just a couple of chapters.

2009 can't come soon enough for me!

I am glad that CJM wasn't upset that her works have been scantalated. Thanks for this
release and to more CJM releases in the future.e-319

As I HUGE fan I wish that more of her works would be licensed.v-7

yes another sequel of owner & kouta XD
we will be waiting

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