[Update] New Project: Otoko Hiroimashita + Info

Hi there! Thanks so much to everyone who left comments/sent emails regarding our opening and initial release! It really helps the group start off on the right foot and we're really looking forward to translating more works for everyone to enjoy! Thank you! :)

Our first piece of news, I've added my contact information, group information, and project information to the sidebar on the right side of the page, which also includes a small section on rules as well as our disclaimer. I hope it isn't too much to ask, but please be aware of our rules while downloading our scans, basically we just hope you won't claim our works as yours or sell them for profit. MILKY KITTY is a personal project of mine, therefore I use my personal time to work on these projects, please respect that.

Secondly, MILKY KITTY is looking for some helping hands! I know, you always see the ads when reading manga (sorry, you'll start to see them from us as well, I apologize in advance!) but the more help we get, the faster we can release! As of this moment, I'm the only contributor (sad, right?), so I could really use some help with translating (japanese to english), cleaning (clearing the pages of text/sound effects, basically Photoshopping), and editing (inserting text and making sure everything is in the right place). If you have the time and would like to help with any of those positions, please send me an email :)

Lastly (I know, this is a lot of information and I apologize again!), after the release of Bathroom Grooming, I've decided to work on Otoko Hiroimashita by CJ Michalski next, from the November issue of Reijin Magazine. I'm a big fan of hers, so you may find that many of our future releases come from my love of her art <3 I'm also thinking about doing Nangoku Banana's 'Kitsune no Yome' and Takatsuki Noboru's 'Renjo Sketch' afterwards.

I would also like to express my apologies to Liquid Passion, it seems like they had Bathroom Grooming in the works before I did, but I failed to notice sooner. It was not my intention to steal their project, I was so excited to work on it and I thought I searched through every avenue before starting it ... but it wasn't enough. I really apologize for all of this! >.< I'm a big fan of Liquid Passion's works, I hope the same mistake won't happen again!

Thanks for reading and/or slaving through all that text, the next time I see you will be the release of Otoko Hiroimashita! Bye! :)


EDIT: I've uploaded Bathroom Grooming to both Mediafire and Savefile, I hope this gives you all better access!


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Oh Kawaiii !! Your site is very nice !!!!! ^^

Mmm CJ Michalski... That's sounds great! I'm big fan of her too!

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Having no harm intention, I'd like to let you know that Dangerous Pleasure scanlation group has started scanlating "Kitsune no Yome" by Banana Nangoku


thanks so much for your hard work! your page is so cute. also, i really hope you find the chance to work on renjo sketch! Takatsuki Noboru's stories are wonderful, i just wish there was more of them. anyway thanks again!

just want you to know...

hello, i like your site... and just so you know, kitsune no yome by sengoku banana has been released by dangerous pleasure, so if you really interested in this work why don't you apply to joint them doing this project?
and, work hard for our beloved yaoi fans, nee...

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