[Update] Usu Akari Joint Project Info

Hi everyone! This is Milky, just want to let you know about a joint project we are working on with the staff from another yaoi/shounen-ai scanlation group, Countless Time. We are very honored to be working with them and this will be our first joint project ever, so we hope you'll look forward to it, because we certainly are! The title is Usu Akari by Tamaki Ren. Few, if none of her works are scanlated, which is sad, because her art is so good!

It's more serious compared to our other releases, but it's got a lotta smut, so I wanted to do it ... >_>;; Haha anyway! Next time you hear from me, I'll be back with a release! See you next time!


[Update] Dramatic Maestro + Info

Ossu! Milky here with information on our new project as well as some great news for fans of CJ Michalski's Otoko Hiroimashita which was released yesterday!

First, it's been decided that Milky Kitty's next scanlation project will be Sagami Waka's hit schoolboy comedy, Dramatic Maestro! We had both Misasagi Fuhri's Yajuu Shugi - Hitsujihen and Kuwabara Yuuko's Chikyuuhatsu, Ai wo Sakebe in consideration as well, so if anybody's interested in any of those, we may work them in the future. Of course, suggestions and requests are welcome too, just send me an email! :)

For those of you who got a chance to read Otoko Hiroimashita, did you enjoy it? I'm a big fan of CJ Michalski's works, so I just jumped at the opportunity to scan her newest story. As it turns out, MK's new translator Adrian is a fan of hers as well, and it looks like she might be an even bigger fan than I am! D: Earlier today, Addy received an email from CJ Michalski-sensei herself, so rejoice Kouta x Owner fans, there will be a sequel to Otoko Hiroimashita coming early 2009! <333

You are my hero Addy, I LOVE YOU @_@

Thanks for all your support everyone and hope to see you soon!


[Release] Otoko Hiroimashita by CJ Michalski

Hello everyone! Thank you all again for visiting now and then to check up on us! I assure you, I haven't died (just yet), but I sincerely apologize for the lateness, it seems like real life has caught up to me and won't stop knocking on the door x_x During my time away, I've managed to collect three new members to the group, Adrian, Xayu, and Rini! They will be helping out with our next project in the next day or two, so please welcome them! :)

Also, thanks to those of you who informed me of Kitsune no Yome's scanlation status, and yes, it is currently being handled by Dangerous Pleasure's expert staff, so MK will not be scanlating it. I love DP with all my heart and I'm positive they will work their magic and complete yet another wonderful release. I will be back later in the day with information on our next project, so sit tight! =D

Now without further ado, I present to you Milky Kitty's second official release! Enjoy :)

by CJ Michalski

Otoko Hiroimashita

Publisher: Takeshobo
Published in: Reijin
Date: Nov. 2008
Genre: Yaoi
Contents: N/A

The owner of Boy's Club Garcon is closing up the store one night when he finds an injured young man on the street! His name is Kouta, and when he catches a glimpse of his handsome rescuer, it's love at first sight!


NOTE: As always, please let us know if you would like our files hosted somewhere other than these three providers. We will be happy to do so as quick as we can! Thanks~