[Release] Otoko Hiroimashita by CJ Michalski

Hello everyone! Thank you all again for visiting now and then to check up on us! I assure you, I haven't died (just yet), but I sincerely apologize for the lateness, it seems like real life has caught up to me and won't stop knocking on the door x_x During my time away, I've managed to collect three new members to the group, Adrian, Xayu, and Rini! They will be helping out with our next project in the next day or two, so please welcome them! :)

Also, thanks to those of you who informed me of Kitsune no Yome's scanlation status, and yes, it is currently being handled by Dangerous Pleasure's expert staff, so MK will not be scanlating it. I love DP with all my heart and I'm positive they will work their magic and complete yet another wonderful release. I will be back later in the day with information on our next project, so sit tight! =D

Now without further ado, I present to you Milky Kitty's second official release! Enjoy :)

by CJ Michalski

Otoko Hiroimashita

Publisher: Takeshobo
Published in: Reijin
Date: Nov. 2008
Genre: Yaoi
Contents: N/A

The owner of Boy's Club Garcon is closing up the store one night when he finds an injured young man on the street! His name is Kouta, and when he catches a glimpse of his handsome rescuer, it's love at first sight!


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[Release] Bathroom Grooming by Minami Haruka

Hello! My name is Milky and I'd like to welcome you to MILKY KITTY, a new boys' love scanlation group :) I know, you're thinking: "Isn't she going a bit overboard with the 'Milky' thing?" Well, originally I used Milky only as a username here and there when I came across Minami Haruka's oneshot "Bathroom Grooming" in the November issue of Magazine BexBoy. It's also the first release by MILKY KITTY, so if you give it read (and I hope you do!) you'll find out where MK comes from!

Feel free to leave any questions or comments and I'll try to get back to you! Until then~

by Minami Haruka

Bathroom Grooming

Publisher: Libre Shuppan
Published in: Magazine Mimi Boy
(an extras book from Magazine BexBoy)
Date: Nov. 2008
Genre: Hard Yaoi
Contents: Catboys

Milky is having a little "fun" by himself in the bathroom at the Sugar Cloud Academy dormitory where he's staying when his roomate and lover Cyril discovers him.


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